Monday, 20 October 2008

So what makes a good business card?

You have just come back from an important business meeting and you take another glance at the business card handed to you. Clean, sophisticated, simple. Thick card and strikingly-placed logo with a great colour combination. You can’t stop staring at it. You think back to your last self-made online business cards and wonder why the final impression of your critical business meeting didn’t leave the strong lasting impact you wanted. Why don’t they call?

It is time you got a professional "business-winning" business card for your company! You can search the Internet and find many cheap business card solutions, but it is not advisable to use such services for your company card. If these designs are available on the Internet, you will not be the only bargain hunter who has downloaded and used the same design for a company’s business cards.

Your best solution is to hire a professional to create your card. Remember, professional graphic designers have been in this business for many years and know how to design and print a great business card that complements your company perfectly. A professional in this area will be the best person to discuss your options for card type, colour and maybe extra processes such as silver or gold foiling to make your card really stand out.

Of course there are business-card-maker programmess which can be helpful when you need to print a limited number of business cards immediately. However, the initial cost of using the software and being able to print multiple copies on one A4 sheet using other programmes can sometimes outweigh the cost of printing professionally a larger amount that will have much better results and quality.

So what makes a good business card?
Take a sample of great business cards that have caught your attention and lay them out in front of you. Can you see what makes them work?
They will have simple designs and good use of minimal colour combinations; not just the colour combination of the text and logo, but also the colour that is used in the background of the card. Remember that the specific design used on these cards you are looking at will not be appropriate for your business, but the design concept is what is important. You will also notice that leading companies NEVER clutter up the card with too much text or information.
A lot of people are inclined to fill their business card with all the information it can hold. REMEMBER, a business card is a business card and not sales literature.
All that additional information should be saved for your promotional material; let the business card speak for itself. This will ensure that the information needed is available immediately.
You do not want the potential client you have just met to have to scroll through your business card just to find your contact details. The necessary information should always be easy to find.

Multi-fold cards are a big NO. Your potential client will almost certainly throw it away without a glance. A business card's purpose is not to promote your products or services. Your business card is there to reflect your true image and provide contact information; this why it is highly recommended to have it designed by a professional.

Let's face it, if you need to spend a little extra on a business card that makes an important prospective client pick up the phone and place an order, do it - you will almost certainly get your money back!

If you are looking for business cards, we offer a complete package from design to print, so we can be there for every step of the process here at Imprenta Pronto

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

IP + MySpace = WOW!

IP are live and active on MySpace, don't forget to check out our new Myspace look HERE!

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Monday, 6 October 2008

Urban Art!

Love it or hate it, graffiti has become a part of urban culture and is now an accepted form of art. Just take a look at your nearest modern art gallery! There is no denying the creativity of some of the greatest graffiti artists around. Here are our top 5 pieces of art.

by Bansky.
Anything that references modern culture and makes you smile is a thumbs up from us!

by TheMac.
Part of the Turk Street mural. Simply beautiful, need we say more?

by Bansky.
Yes Bansky again! There is so much of his work we could put on this blog. This example is a personal favourite and is executed fantastically; this critically-acclaimed artist in so many genres has done it again!

by Moose (Paul Curtis).
With artists and society becoming increasingly environmentally aware, a new movement called the 'new clean art' movement, sometimes also called 'reverse' or 'inverse' graffiti, has started.
This is the latest way of expressing creativity, co-opted for use in the guerrilla marketing campaigns of late. The graffiti is produced by cleaning the dirt from the walls, leaving the authorities a little stumped when it comes to how to act upon the inverse graffiti. How do you fine someone for cleaning? Quoting the followers of the movement:

It’s a bit like fining your mother-in-law for finding dust on your mantelpiece.

Nonetheless it is apt that our carbon footprints should be marked so clearly, in the dirt!

by Unknown.
We found this on the Internet; if anyone knows who created it please let us know!
Not only is this piece obviously an extremely cool optical illusion but it is in our list for its fantastic execution, creatively painted as if it were just a "spur of the moment" thing, using such aesthetically pleasing lines which almost reference the old political newspaper comics.

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